Countdown Bonaire Immersion July 15-22

It is not uncommon to wait until the last minute to decide on where to vacation.

You may not have heard of Bonaire, but most likely are familiar with Aruba and/or Curacao. Bonaire is the third of the “Dutch Antilles” off the coast of Venezuela.

It is an island that is less know unless you are an experienced SCUBA dive, then most likely you will have heard of this destination. You need not be an experienced diver, you might just enjoy snorkeling or you might be interested in getting certified.

The Bonaire Marine park is the entire island so you can get in the water just about anywhere on the leeward side and there is a beautiful reef waiting to be discovered by you. There is a lot more to the island, as it is rich in history. Our immersion will provide you the opportunity to learn more about the island’s history and culture.

July 15-22, 2024 we can accommodate an immersion to Bonaire, will you join us?

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Underwater photographer for and Chief Exploration Officer for Dessau International, Inc. "destination immersions".Born in Copenhagen, Denmark I have visited 58 countries and been an active underwater photographer since 1972.

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