What’s on your bucket list?

Think of a “Destination Immersion” , a trip where you are at ease and not part of a crowd. Need a break after Thanksgiving and before the holidays? Join us for our sensational “Copenhagen Hygge” (pronounced Hoogah!) December 10-17. Great opportunity to do some Christmas shopping to really surprise family & friends.

If you are thinking about 2024, maybe a week abroad with no more than 8 people in the group including a leader fluent in language of destination might put you at ease. Ask us about our destination immersions. Each of our destinations is less travelled and we target times to minimize disruption on our journey.

People to People Cuba in January ( Sold out! may repeat April )

Argentina Wines in February ( special course with certificate upon completion!)

Panama Hummingbirds & Canal in March

Art & Culture of French Riviera early May ( Picasso, Chagal, Matisse..)

South Carolina History late May

If you have a small group or family but have another destination in mind check with us, we would be delighted to explore if we can add value.

Don’t Cry for me Argentina!

Argentine airline Austral ERJ190 ©LDESSAU

This is a preview to immersion being planned and considered for 2024. Imagine in February visiting some outstanding vineyards close to harvest time in Argentina.

Would you like to treat your valentine to sampling wines at “Bodegas” where they are produced? Consider an outstanding week starting in Buenos Aires then transitioning to Mendoza. If you enjoy Argentine wines you may be familiar with Pulenta Estate Winery, Cobos, and Los Andes. Other that are being considered for our agenda include Vistalba, Norton, Catena Zapata, Renacer and Brescia. A visit to land of ‘Gauchos”

Dates are February 10-17. Contact us for more information!

More than Rum and Cigars!

Our “People to People” immersion January 15-22, 2024 is a unique opportunity to learn more about Cuba. The island is rich in history and culture. Join us to be with people of Cuba and hear first hand about their creativity and lifestyles.

Painting of Havana
Painting of street scene Havana ©LDESSAU2017

First thing that comes to mind to many tourists are Cuban cigars and rum. Our visit is not about either though there will of course be the opportunity to sample them. We will focus on its people, its contrasting geography. Journey will begin in Havana but will include a ground transition for Cienfuegos and Trinidad.

Famous Malecon seawall in Havana
Malecon seawall in Havana ©LDESSAU2016

We have room for 3 more participants! Registration deposits are due this month. Contacts us for details or better yet to join us! louis@dessauinternational.com

Bonaire SCUBA 2024?

Bonaire SCUBA for 2023 has come and gone. There were splendid dives this year and you may have missed the opportunity to join us this year but we hope you will join us in 2024 when we return. Here are some highlights of what you missed this year.

Diver & Squid
Diver & Squid ©LDESSAU2023
Diver & Turtle
Diver & Turtle ©LDESSAU2023
Scuba Diver & Queen Conch
SCUBA diver & Queen Conch ©LDESSAU2023
High tech SCUBA diver using rebreather & scooter
High Tech SCUBA diver on rebreather & scooter ©LDESSAU2023
SCUBA diver photographing Spotted Eagle Ray
SCUBA diver photographing Spotted Eagle Ray ©LDESSAU2023

“Regret is paying twice for the experience” ! Contact Dessau International as we begin to plan for 2024 and hope you will join us for our next Bonaire SCUBA or fun immersion. We can also put together a custom immersion for a group of 4-7 people. Remember no more than 8 people no longer than 7 days, that’s our immersion concept!

Denmark in December!

Our “Copenhagen Hygge” immersion is an extraordinary opportunity to get out of your comfort zone. You may have heard some fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen as a child. You might love a photo op at the statue of the little mermaid or by his statue.

Statue of Hans Christian Andersen in Copenhagen
Hans Christian Andersen Statue Copenhagen ©LDESSAU2021
Statue of Little Mermaid Copenhagen, Denmark ©LDESSAU2021

Date of our immersion are timely for holiday shopping. There are Christmas markets and of course many lovely boutiques.

You could combine our immersion with a cruise or just enjoy free time shopping while being immersed in culture of some of happiest people. Wont you join us?

If you won two free plane tickets, where would you go?

You could benefit from two spots in each of our two upcoming “Destination Immersions” ! Which would you register for if you won two free tickets? Would you opt for our Copenhagen Hygge that will take place December 10-17 or People to People January 15-22. Even if you dont win tickets you should consider stepping out of your comfort zone.

Copenhagen Hygge will take place in Denmark and allow you to experience the famous coziness that is known as hygge. There will be time for holiday shopping and opportunity to enjoy real Danish pastry. Our immersion in the culture will give you insights about influence and history of vikings. Home of the oldest known flag, you will also see royal aspects still functioning today.

Kronborg castle built by and still used by Danish royals.
Kronborg Castle ©LDESSAU2022

People to People will provide you opportunity to interact with Cubans while visiting Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago. Imagine sharing opinions with people in Cuba with conversations about their music, art, and history. There is a Chinatown in Havana and there are sugar plantations in Santiago that will provide a visual contrast of the country.

Old Havana walking tour on People to People destination immersion to Cuba
Walking Tour Havana ©LDESSAU2018

http://www.dessauinternational.com louis@dessauinternational.com

Royal Copenhagen!

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Often Royal Copenhagen comes to mind when people think of Copenhagen. It is a brand of porcelain that was also made popular for some time with an after shave! But for our destination immersion there will be much insight about Danish royalty. We will visit Rosenborg and see the royal jewels:

Three solid silver lions guard throne at Rosenborg
Three solid silver lions at Roseborg ©LDESSAU2021
Royal Copenhagen store front
Store front of Royal Copenhagen ©LDESSAU2021

Contact us now if you are interested in our “Copenhagen Hygge” immersion planned for December 10-17. Contact me or visit our website http://www.dessauinternational.com

Tasting Denmark on “Copenhagen Hygge”

Traditional "Jule Frokost" Christmas Lunch in authentic Danish Restaurant
“Jule Frokost”©LDESSAU2022

What sets our concept of a destination immersion is illustrated here as our participants will experience a cozy traditional Christmas lunch in a restaurant with years of experience serving Danes!

Danish hot dog stand in front of Copenhagen city hall
Danish “Polse vogn” ©LDESSAU 2022

Danes like many others enjoy fast food. In Copenhagen there are still itinerant hot dog stands. There is a sense of coziness to be experienced just savoring a Danish hot dog at a “polse vogn” such as this one parked in front of a fast food restaurant on the main square. Note the humor of the name of this motorized hot dog stand!

Dinner is a cozy experience in Denmark
Cozy dinner in Copenhagen © LDESSAU 2020

Dinner in Copenhagen is a cozy experience and an opportunity to taste Danish ‘Akvavit” as well as Danish beer accompanying local dishes. Part of what adds value to time in country is understanding the background about their food and beverages while being in an environment that reflects local environment.

A hearty buffer breakfast is also an opportunity to learn of local dietary preferences
Buffet breakfast at hotel ©LDESSAU 2020

Breakfast is very important to Danes. You dont have to be on a cruise ship to experience the wonderful selection to start your day. The hotel where we will stay provides a wide assortment of options for you to either stick to your presences or sample some of the local options. A real Danish pastry with your coffee or tea is not a bad was to start the day!

People to People, a 2024 immersion!

View of Havana, Cuba
People to People immersion exchanging views in Cuba©LDESSAU2016

Our People to People immersion to Cuba January 15-22 has room for two more participants. Join us to exchange views and immerse yourself in Cuban culture while visiting Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago. Formal processing will begin in August.

Cuban & antique American car
At one time US exported cars to CUBA, some Cubans still drive them ©LDESSAU2016

Some antique American cars are still circulating in Cuba. The immersion will provide insight about how and why Cubans have opted to keep them in circulation. Join us!

Time to plan for “Copenhagen Hygge”

SAS Airbust 320 arrived Kastrup airport Copenhagen
SAS A321Neo arriving Kastrup Airport Copenhagen ©LDESSAU2023

For those interested in a unique immersion to Copenhagen December 10-17, now is the time to start making airline arrangements as comfortable seats at reasonable prices will sell out quickly on SAS flights from Washington DC, Miami, or Newark.

Delta Air Lines Boeing 767 arrived Kastrup Airport Copenhagen
Delta Air Lines Boeing 767 arrived Copenhagen Kastrup from JFK ©LDESSAU 2023

A new alternative to travel from the US to Copenhagen is a direct flight from New York JFK on Delta Air Lines on a Boeing 767. For competitive pricing to travel December 10-17 now might be the time to purchase your tickets.

Ground transportation for Copenhagen Hygge immersion
Comfortable private van used during Copenhagen Hygge immersion ©LDESSAU2023

Dessau International, Inc. is already making arrangements for the 5th visit to Copenhagen that will take place December 10-17. We have room for 3 more participants at this time. Comfortable transfer to hotel upon arrival and from hotel to airport upon departure as well as to the visits planned during this immersion. A sense of “hygge” event as you get around Copenhagen. Dont miss the bus, start planning now.