If you won two free plane tickets, where would you go?

You could benefit from two spots in each of our two upcoming “Destination Immersions” ! Which would you register for if you won two free tickets? Would you opt for our Copenhagen Hygge that will take place December 10-17 or People to People January 15-22. Even if you dont win tickets you should consider steppingContinue reading “If you won two free plane tickets, where would you go?”

Tasting Denmark on “Copenhagen Hygge”

What sets our concept of a destination immersion is illustrated here as our participants will experience a cozy traditional Christmas lunch in a restaurant with years of experience serving Danes! Danes like many others enjoy fast food. In Copenhagen there are still itinerant hot dog stands. There is a sense of coziness to be experiencedContinue reading “Tasting Denmark on “Copenhagen Hygge””

People to People, a 2024 immersion!

Our People to People immersion to Cuba January 15-22 has room for two more participants. Join us to exchange views and immerse yourself in Cuban culture while visiting Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago. Formal processing will begin in August. Some antique American cars are still circulating in Cuba. The immersion will provide insight about how andContinue reading “People to People, a 2024 immersion!”

Time to plan for “Copenhagen Hygge”

For those interested in a unique immersion to Copenhagen December 10-17, now is the time to start making airline arrangements as comfortable seats at reasonable prices will sell out quickly on SAS flights from Washington DC, Miami, or Newark. A new alternative to travel from the US to Copenhagen is a direct flight from NewContinue reading “Time to plan for “Copenhagen Hygge””

Just in time Bonaire SCUBA immersion? July 22, 2023 but time is running out!

Dont let this opportunity to go diving swim by! We can still help you with a Bonaire SCUBA immersion July22 but time is running out.. Instead of being part of a crowd diving, why not try our Bonaire SCUBA immersion! Our SCUBA immersion is one week with no more than 8 participants including your chiefContinue reading “Just in time Bonaire SCUBA immersion? July 22, 2023 but time is running out!”