Just in time Bonaire SCUBA immersion? July 22, 2023 but time is running out!

Dont let this opportunity to go diving swim by!

We can still help you with a Bonaire SCUBA immersion July22 but time is running out..

Instead of being part of a crowd diving, why not try our Bonaire SCUBA immersion!

Our SCUBA immersion is one week with no more than 8 participants including your chief exploration officer who coordinates all activities from moment you arrive!

©Louis Dessau

Iguana would like to see you visit Bonaire! Wanna go diving?

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Underwater photographer for www.seebeneaththesea.com and Chief Exploration Officer for Dessau International, Inc. "destination immersions".Born in Copenhagen, Denmark I have visited 58 countries and been an active underwater photographer since 1972.

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