Tasting Denmark on “Copenhagen Hygge”

Traditional "Jule Frokost" Christmas Lunch in authentic Danish Restaurant
“Jule Frokost”©LDESSAU2022

What sets our concept of a destination immersion is illustrated here as our participants will experience a cozy traditional Christmas lunch in a restaurant with years of experience serving Danes!

Danish hot dog stand in front of Copenhagen city hall
Danish “Polse vogn” ©LDESSAU 2022

Danes like many others enjoy fast food. In Copenhagen there are still itinerant hot dog stands. There is a sense of coziness to be experienced just savoring a Danish hot dog at a “polse vogn” such as this one parked in front of a fast food restaurant on the main square. Note the humor of the name of this motorized hot dog stand!

Dinner is a cozy experience in Denmark
Cozy dinner in Copenhagen © LDESSAU 2020

Dinner in Copenhagen is a cozy experience and an opportunity to taste Danish ‘Akvavit” as well as Danish beer accompanying local dishes. Part of what adds value to time in country is understanding the background about their food and beverages while being in an environment that reflects local environment.

A hearty buffer breakfast is also an opportunity to learn of local dietary preferences
Buffet breakfast at hotel ©LDESSAU 2020

Breakfast is very important to Danes. You dont have to be on a cruise ship to experience the wonderful selection to start your day. The hotel where we will stay provides a wide assortment of options for you to either stick to your presences or sample some of the local options. A real Danish pastry with your coffee or tea is not a bad was to start the day!

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