If you won two free plane tickets, where would you go?

You could benefit from two spots in each of our two upcoming “Destination Immersions” ! Which would you register for if you won two free tickets? Would you opt for our Copenhagen Hygge that will take place December 10-17 or People to People January 15-22. Even if you dont win tickets you should consider stepping out of your comfort zone.

Copenhagen Hygge will take place in Denmark and allow you to experience the famous coziness that is known as hygge. There will be time for holiday shopping and opportunity to enjoy real Danish pastry. Our immersion in the culture will give you insights about influence and history of vikings. Home of the oldest known flag, you will also see royal aspects still functioning today.

Kronborg castle built by and still used by Danish royals.
Kronborg Castle ©LDESSAU2022

People to People will provide you opportunity to interact with Cubans while visiting Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago. Imagine sharing opinions with people in Cuba with conversations about their music, art, and history. There is a Chinatown in Havana and there are sugar plantations in Santiago that will provide a visual contrast of the country.

Old Havana walking tour on People to People destination immersion to Cuba
Walking Tour Havana ©LDESSAU2018

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Underwater photographer for www.seebeneaththesea.com and Chief Exploration Officer for Dessau International, Inc. "destination immersions".Born in Copenhagen, Denmark I have visited 58 countries and been an active underwater photographer since 1972.

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