Denmark in December!

Our “Copenhagen Hygge” immersion is an extraordinary opportunity to get out of your comfort zone. You may have heard some fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen as a child. You might love a photo op at the statue of the little mermaid or by his statue.

Statue of Hans Christian Andersen in Copenhagen
Hans Christian Andersen Statue Copenhagen ©LDESSAU2021
Statue of Little Mermaid Copenhagen, Denmark ©LDESSAU2021

Date of our immersion are timely for holiday shopping. There are Christmas markets and of course many lovely boutiques.

You could combine our immersion with a cruise or just enjoy free time shopping while being immersed in culture of some of happiest people. Wont you join us?

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Underwater photographer for and Chief Exploration Officer for Dessau International, Inc. "destination immersions".Born in Copenhagen, Denmark I have visited 58 countries and been an active underwater photographer since 1972.

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