Bonaire SCUBA 2024?

Bonaire SCUBA for 2023 has come and gone. There were splendid dives this year and you may have missed the opportunity to join us this year but we hope you will join us in 2024 when we return. Here are some highlights of what you missed this year.

Diver & Squid
Diver & Squid ©LDESSAU2023
Diver & Turtle
Diver & Turtle ©LDESSAU2023
Scuba Diver & Queen Conch
SCUBA diver & Queen Conch ©LDESSAU2023
High tech SCUBA diver using rebreather & scooter
High Tech SCUBA diver on rebreather & scooter ©LDESSAU2023
SCUBA diver photographing Spotted Eagle Ray
SCUBA diver photographing Spotted Eagle Ray ©LDESSAU2023

“Regret is paying twice for the experience” ! Contact Dessau International as we begin to plan for 2024 and hope you will join us for our next Bonaire SCUBA or fun immersion. We can also put together a custom immersion for a group of 4-7 people. Remember no more than 8 people no longer than 7 days, that’s our immersion concept!

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